3 Years programme and progress of Bodepudi Vignanakendram

Bodepudi Vignana Kendram is a purely voluntary organisation which was constituted in the memory of Late Bodepudi Venkateswara Rao in the year 2007.This was started to promote the aims and ambitions of the deported veteran leader who stood for the welfare of poor people and fought in freedom struggle.

The following are the activities of BVK since last three years.
1. Library: This Research oriented library which is useful for the development of comprehensive knowledge for the students in all the subjects. The access to the library is free to all. It is also used as a referral library for the research scholars of surrounding universities and P.G colleges. Daily 100 to 150 patrons visit and use the library facilities. Around 40,000 people used the library during the year 2010.
2. Students Hostel: 150 poor students studying from Intermediate to PG level including Technical Students were accommodated during the year 2010. Meritorious students who could not afford the education have been given accommodation.
3. Prajaa-Vaidhya Saala: Many poor and common people received free medical services from this hospital. Daily 40 to 75 patients are treated. Around 20,000 patients were treated during the year 2010.
4. Music School: Free Music lessons for the children under 14years age are offered by this program. The school offers free training classes in singing patriotic songs and sociological songs along with traditional music. 58 students are trained during this year.
5. Sunday-Adhyayanam: This is running as a study circle since 294 Sundays continuously conducted in the morning scheduled uninterruptedly. This program aims at helping students who are preparing for competitive examinations. This year 6000 students had utilised this program.
6. Sunday – For you (Aadivaaram – meekosam): Conducting
7. Uninterruptedly since 260 Sundays in the evenings. This program aims purely entertainment and recreation oriented.
18000 people participated in this program and appreciated very well.
8. Family legal cell: Aims to solve the disputes in-between Wife and husband. 30cases were solved during this year.
9. Blood Donation camp: The organisation has conducted 4 camps in the same year. We have conducted two camps to help the needy during this year.

In continuation to the previous year experience, during the year 2011, we have introduced some new programs which are very useful to the common people.
1. Library: In addition to the 9 daily news papers, 15 periodicals both in English and Telugu which are useful for the student’s comprehensive development. This year the patrons have increased from 40,000 to 50,000.
2. Students Hostel: Again 150 poor and merit students were admitted. Seminars and symposiums are arranged to them with skilled and experienced intellectuals.
3. Prajaa-Vaidhya Saala: The patients are increased from 20000 to 25000 during this year.
4. Music School: The training in using Tabala, Harmony and Keyboard are introduced in addition to the last year program. This year 60 students were trained.
5. Sunday-Adhyayanam: During this year, 7000 students utilised the lectures given by the eminent scholars.
6. Sunday – For you (Aadivaaram – meekosam): This program entertained 20000 people through cultural programs. Particularly 6000 ladies enjoyed the programs like cooking and games.
7. Family legal cell: During this year, 20 husband and wife family disputes taken and solved.
8. Blood Donation camp: 80 BVK students donated their blood. One donation camp and one medical camp are arranged.
9. NRI Parents Association: During this year a new program was introduced for Senior Citizens especially for citizens who are feeling lonely and whose children are abroad. BVK conducted some recreational activities to overthrow their loneliness. Three hundred families are in touch with this association.

1. Library: 10 new writers and authors are encouraged. Two thousand books are collected. Fifty thousand people visited the library during this year. For meritorious students and talented children special programs were conducted.
2. Students Hostel: This year also 150 poor students were given the admission. Out of them one is deaf and dumb and one is physically handicapped. Ten previous students got employment in various fields.
3. Praja Vaidya Sala: Health and medical awareness programs, cardiology diabetic and orthopaedic camps were conducted. Around twenty five thousand common people took free treatment during this year.
4. Music School: One of our music school students stood first in KHAMMAM district technical college’s songs competition. Many of our students got prizes in various competitions. This year Painting and Chess training also started. Fifty students were trained this year.
5. Sunday-Adhyayanam: On Central and State budgets and on the financial crisis of National and International level, round table discussions were conducted. Around 8000 attended these programs during this year.
6. Sunday-For you(Aadivaram- meekosam): Two science fairs , One Science Exhibition and four Songs competitions were conducted for the students. 3000 students participated in these programs. 22000 people enjoyed these program during this year. Out of them 8000 were Senior Citizens.
7. Family Legal Cell: In addition to 15 family dispute cases, 10 general disputes were also taken and solved.
8. Blood Donation: 50 BVK students gave their blood to the patients. Two blood donation camps and one medical camp were conducted.
9. NRI Parents Association: In addition to 300 families of last year, another 200 families have come into contact with this association during this year.
10. Donation of Body Organs: This is a specialised program of BVK during these seven years. We the 10 members of the managing committee along with our family members, totally 46 members had donated entire body organs after death. We all have given stamped agreement to Mamatha Medical College for this. Our aim is to make this number 100 by the end of 2013.

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